Rockbox celebrates the fun and beauty of gift giving, inspired by the desire to make gifting effortless and simple with beautiful results. Suited to those with oodles of taste, who love styled perfection, Rockbox offers stylish and pretty gift boxes filled with a selection of thoughtful and fabulous items that can be sent directly to the people who rock our world. 


At Rockbox we recognise the importance of fabulous gift giving but also understand how challenging it can be to find and give the perfect gift. Chaotic schedules, different time zones or too many items on the to do list can make gift giving almost impossible. So let Rockbox do it all for you…. create a fabulous gift, wrap it, write it, send it. 

All of our gift items have been extensively researched and personally selected to ensure that every box rocks. Our priorities when choosing our brand partners are luxury, quality, integrity, and fabulous style and every brand has been selected because we personally love their products, their vision and their values. 

Our vision is to work with independent businesses that have strong social values, and to support British made as much as possible. We do work with some awesome international brands simply because we couldn’t resist including them in our Rockboxes. 


Big life changes have a habit of causing both chaos and inspiration and our Chief Rocker found herself chaotically inspired when two life changes hit within just a few years! In 2012 she found herself living in Asia – an awesome adventure but very far from her favourite rockers and their celebrations! Maintaining connections and relationships became even more important but fabulous gifting became a challenge. What do you send? How do you find it? How do you ensure it is special and personalised? Hours were spent hunting online for that perfect gift only to result in sending something impersonal and generic which totally lacked any style. 

Home in the UK in 2014 the next life event hit - Mini Rocker was born adding another dose of (fabulous!) chaos. Time became precious and gift giving became a last minute rush or, more often than not, totally forgotten. What Chief Rocker needed was a stylish yet effortless gifting solution - and the inspiration for Rockbox was born!